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Why a Repair Directory?

The Welsh Government published early March 2021 its ‘Beyond Recycling’ strategy which shows a clear ambition to move the nation to a circular, low carbon economy.

The aim is to build on the cultural change that has already happened across the country and made Wales the third recycling nation in the world, so that unnecessary waste is prevented, products are re-used and repair and remanufacturing are a core part of our society.

The ‘Beyond Recycling’ strategy also outlines repair cafés and the sharing economy and how critical these initiatives are to support the development of a circular economy.

Achieving these goals is largely the responsibility of local authorities who need to engage with householders and businesses to promote reuse and repair as the first option to deal with items perceived as waste.

By setting up a Repair Directory, signposting people to reliable repair businesses, and repair events and activities, the CLAIRE Wales group hopes to increase the uptake of repair in the community.

Why a Repair Directory